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Wood carving art

by Thomas Bordier

About me

I am Thomas, Wood carver both with power tools or knives

Work on commission

Planning a gift or a decorative carving for your home or garden? Contact me for a chat!

Check my whole carving process

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Thomas Journal

My journey as a Wood carver: From Childhood Dreams to Crafting Spirits

Wood carving has been my passion since childhood, sparked by summers in Northern Bohemia with my grandparents. I crafted wooden swords, shields, and tree lookouts, immersing myself in imaginative play. Years later, an early morning urge to carve rekindled this love, leading me from whittling small figures to power carving intricate pieces. For me, carving is a meditative journey, transforming raw wood into art and connecting me to something deeper. This craft is more than a hobby—it’s a lifelong devotion

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